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A prototype is worth a 1000 meetings..

Here are a number of videos showing the software prototyping application in action. Both basic S88 and also S95 modelling is covered.Some videos have audio.Video format is .webm which is supported in all modern HTML5 browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, but not internet explorer and not on the IOS (iphone) operating system.(There is a plugin available for IE)

Though the terms modelling, simulation, and prototyping are used interchangeably on process control forums, we use the term prototype in the context of an agile software development project. You can use Spike to speed up requirements capture for a DCS or MES system. Use it to improve collaboration and provide a training environment. But dont use Spike to (for example) work out a controller strategy for runaway chemical processes or potential yield on a distillation column; there are other simulation packages better suited to that job.

ISA-S88 based Batch control videos

These videos illustrate the use of the ISA-S88 design pattern to capture requirements.Spike has a workflow batch engine and implements a generic physical and procedural model, as well as formulae (recipe parameter lists)

Also included , is a wireframe of single use technology used in biopharmaceutical manufacture. ( upstream - fermentation scaleup and downstream - chromatography & filtration)

ISA-S95 based MES videos

These videos illustrate the use of the ISA-S95 design pattern to capture manufacturing execution requirements.The wireframe can be used not only for iterative master batch record development , but also for batch control system integration specification.

Oil and Gas continuous control demo

Other training videos

Beer Brewing

Waste water treatment

Orange Juice Production