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Beer production - defining the plant procedural model

In this video (part 2 or 2), we create the procedural model.Recordings from the previous 'physical mdodel' video are used to form the basis of new equipment module commands. Once the commands are created, the recordings are refactored to form the basis of the procedural sequences or phases. Sequential , class based code re-use is discussed ; the 'empty' unit operation is used in 3 different unit procedures.The use of the formula class to define recipe parameters, is discussed. 'Instances' of the formula class, called 'definitions', are also discussed.Phase template creatino is introduced.

Video Duration: 13:53

Intro : 00:00->0:45

Unit operation re-use: 00:45->01:30

Campaign & Formula class creation: 01:30->04:30

Illustration of how the procedure is abstracted away from physical model, with only recipe parameters containing the details: 04:30->

Phase template creation: 05:00-05:45

Design specification generation: 05:45->09:20

Importing and exporting model via MS Excel: 09:20->