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Bioreactor CIP ; How to synchronise 2 units during cleaning of a Bioreactor

This video highlights some of the complexities associated with developing more complex multi-unit procedures.The 'synchronisation' of these 2 units is typically an advanced control system configuration task. Among the reasons for synchronisation are:

  • Requirement for synchronised equipment actuation and timing of actions ; there is no point sending process flow to a receiving unit if it is not ready to receive it. Similarily, there must be the possibility for any unit to halt the supervisory procedure, in the event of a failure. (The failure event must be allowed to 'bubble up' all the way through the batch stack to the procedure.)
  • Security : Ensuring that a procedure has exclusive access and control of particular units in order to prevent any other operation from acquiring the same asset and thereby sending conflicting signals.
  • Batch reporting: CGxP reporting requirements must demonstrate in clear and certain terms what batch was produced, or what vessel cleaned, when and by whom. It must be possible to reconstruct the exact sequence of events that led to batch production or cleaning.

This particular sample project is part of our online tutorial series whereby the Engineer gets to build the CIP of the Bioreactor from scratch in a series of video-guided hands on tutorials. Contact us to find out more about accessing our tutorials website.

Duration: 09:13.

  • 0-3minutes - CIP skid introduction, EM & Recording explanation
  • 3:00 campaign explanation
  • 3.42 Unit synchronisation
  • 4.30 CIP skid formula
  • 8:00 Batch reports, and auto generated documentation