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Biopharmaceutical single use technology sample part 1 - upsteam (with audio)

How would you wire frame out a highly manual single use technology production factory floor? How would you model the user interaction? Would you record hygienic status of disposable bags? Would you record the docking of single use technology to mobile chromatography or ultrafiltration skids?. This video shows how Spike was used to create a wireframe of a notional disposable technology production procedure. The wireframe took 8 hours to produce. Only the running of the campaign is on the video. The actual project is available to prospective clients on the Spike cloud demo virtual machines.

The video outlines production scaleup from a seed reactor through multiple scale up reactors to a production size disposable reactor. The video discusses design considerations pertaining to how many unit definitions are needed, whether hygienic status is needed , whether 'tank-in-place' signals are needed etc.Video focusses on upstream campaign, but touches on downstream physical model briefly. The upstream campaign comprises numerous procedures for each reactor. Parameterisation of hardware (in order to re-use setup phases) is discussed.The hardware formula class is outlined , as are its child definitions which are unit specific.The upstream campaign is run, and the resulting operator messages and equipment state changes are monitored and controlled.Manual interaction with hardware is required during the campaign execution. Equipment docked status is illustrated.Divergent SFC logic is examined.

Duration: 17:54