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S95-Getting started (with audio and subtitles)

This video is an introduction to Spike ISA-S95 design pattern capabilities with audio walkthrough. A simple weigh and dispense preparation procedure is created . The S95 physical mode, consisting of weigh cells, barcode scanners etc is outlined. The S95 workcentres and S95 transaction modules are discussed. Spike implements the S88 state machine for both S88 and S95 procedural logic. (We do not use the product or process segment terminology from S95) . An S95 workcentre is considered equivalent to an S88 unit. In the procedural model, multiple instances of the same phase class are showcased.The macro recorder is introduced. The resource model is introduced ; material, equipment, personnel classes, definitions and properties are all introduced. Properties can have associated test specifications.

The material bill is discussed.Lots, tests and associated test specifications may all be captured in the Spike 'virtual warehouse'.The recipe parameter list or 'formula' class is introduced. Specific 'definitions' (an S95 term) of these formula classes are outlined. It is shown how to categorise the parameters in order to aid material flow control requirements capture.

Sequence function charts, the Python language and associated helper functions are introduced and a couple of code samples are discussed. Finally, a weigh and dispense campaign is run ; This campaign requires the operator to clean the room, then calibrate the weigh cell and finally dispense some material as documented in the material bill and the formulae. Operator interaction and emulation of room cleaning and weight cell calibrating is outlined. Finally, the batch report is examined to ensure that the correct report parameters were in fact recorded.

Duration: 23:02