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S95 Medical device sample - heart rate monitor assembly (with audio)

This video shows the user how to run the HRM medical devices sample project that is available pre-installed in Spike Prototype. The video walks through the wireframing of a simple assembly process that routes work through multiple workcentres. The resource model classes include intermediate in-progress materials. Material class properties and material class property test specifications are explained. Material definitions are explained.

Similarly, the equipment model classes and definitions are explained. This configuration is primarily for requirements capture ; how much support equipment is required and what are its key properties. A sample equipment definittion is a battery tester. It has a property of type boolean called IsCalibrated.

Personnel classes are outlined, together with the definitions and associated properties. Training requirements can be captured here. The definition inherits the class properties but can override them if necessary.

A material bill is explained, before starting the campaign. The campaign outlines the various finish-start relationships between the procedures, in the Gantt scheduler. Barcode scanner read emulation is implemented, and material bill manipulation is discussed. Once the campaign is started, the routing of the work and procedure execution is followed throughout all the workcentres.The general order is as follows; Get the materials from the warehouse, and bring them to assembly area. Assemble the equipment, test it in the test area, package in the packaging area, then check the finished product back in to the warehouse.

Next up is a python deep dive discussion: OEE status programming is discussed. Also discussed is material bill manipulation and checking that scanned item was in fact in the material bill collection. To get, for example, hazard properties for a scanned material item, the associated material class must be known. There are custom helper functions for this and this is discussed.

Duration: 17:32