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Waste water treatment plant - defining the plant procedural model

In this video (part 2 or 2), we create the procedural model.Recordings from the previous 'physical model' video are used to form the basis of new equipment module commands. Once the commands are created, the recordings are refactored to form the basis of the procedural sequences or phases.

Video Duration: 09:35

Intro : 00:00->01:00

Introducing the waitfor() tank level fill function: 01:10->01:30

Create the Procedural wireframe ; from top down (procedure first): 04:00->

Copying auto generated code from recording, into a phase step: 04:35->

Read process parameters from the formula: 05:30-05:45

Create equipment module parameters: 05:45->06:30

Running a campaign: 06:30->07:30

Review the batch report: 07:30->

Review the design specifications: 08:20->09:35