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Oil and Gas compression ; low fidelity model

This video shows the emulation of a 3 stage natural gas compression train on an oil rig.Requirements are interactively developed. Alarms and Interlocks are interactively tested. PID controllers, startup /shutdown modes, and Cause and Effect diagrams are all outlined.Required control behaviour is recorded. Finally, the design documentation is exported.

Duration: 14:00

0-3minutes- SCADA graphic and process overview

3-4:40 minutes - Record required control behaviour

4:40-5 minutes - Playback ,review & modify behaviour

5 minutes - Export control logic and store as equipment module command

6 minutes - Demonstration of re-ordering of events and further scenario develpment

9 minutes - interactive Cause and Effect chart development ; trigger causes, monitor effects.

11 minutes - exporting of Cause and Effect, and other design specifications