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Aside - Python for prototyping (audio with subtitles)

The traditional control languages such as IEC61131-3 are designed for realtime control but are too complex and unwieldy for rapid prototyping by non automation engineers. In addition, these conventional control lanaguages are unsuited to inter system communications or higher level database manipulation style functions. Not all implementations of IEC61131-3 are the same, meaning you are going to have to develop the entire prototype on a proprietary platform, if you wish to go down the route of IEC61131-3. Python is not suitable for realtime control but is suitable for prototyping ; its one of the most widely used high level languages in operation, with a vast array of training resources available. In addition, its the language of big data. The video discusses the Spike prototype implementation replete with built-in parser, snippet help, intellicode, ability to save personal snippets and so on.Only a very limited knowledge of python is required in order to use Spike. Some limited object oriented programming concepts are needed, but internal tests have seen interns with minimal knowledge of programming get up to full speed in 2 weeks.

Duration: 21:00