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Serialisation wireframing with Spike

Serialisation affects the entire pharmaceutical drug manufacture supply chain and it can be difficult to grasp the extent of change required during a retrofit to an existing manufacturing plant. Impending implementation plans can be full of 'unknown unknowns'. Prototyping or wireframing gets you to the 'known unknowns' point faster. Because if you cant model it, then you dont understand it.The video outlines how to model a serialisation line manager. Using an expanded version of the ISA-S95 design pattern,key serialisation concepts such as aggregation(carton/bundle/pallet) are illustrated.We run a notional campaign to generate lot, sublot IDs and serialisation numbers, GTIN numbers, Batch IDs etc. We show how the physical layout of printers, cameras, scanners etc can be laid out.

Duration: 02:49