Spike Video Library

Spike Video Library

A prototype is worth 1000 meetings...

Here are a number of videos of Spike in action. Both S88 and S95 modelling is covered. Some videos have audio.
This library is contantly being updated, and if there is a process or some part of functionality that you would like to see in the library please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introductory Video

ISA-S88 Based Batch Control Videos

These videos illustrate the use of the ISA-S88 design pattern to capture requirements. Spike has a workflow batch engine and implements a generic physical and procedural model, as well as formulae (recipe parameter lists).

ISA-S95 Based MES Videos

These videos illustrate the use of the ISA-S95 design pattern to capture manufacturing execution requirements. The wireframe can be used not only for iterative master batch record development, but also for batch control system integration specification.

Other Training Videos

Industry Specific Videos

These videos illustrate how Spike can be used for specific industry use cases.

Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical

Oil and Gas Continuous Control Demo

Beer Brewing

Waste Water Treatment

Orange Juice Production