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Spike Video Library

Rapid Wireframing through the use of re-useable equipment module and phase templates

Programmed once, re-useable for ever.This video is a deep dive into Spike S88 procedural modelling capabilities (but the same applies for Spike S95 implementation as well).In this demo (with audio), we create a simple campaign to fill, heat, agitate and empty a batching tank. A campaign, formula class, and additional unit parameters are created. The video showcases the use of pre-existing templates for both the physical model (equipment module classes) and the procedural model (phase module classes). It outlines how templates may be created, shared amongst engineers, and instanced in seconds.In 30 minutes, the development of an entire S88 procedural model spike is created.

Duration: 36:06 . With audio

0-2minutes - Import equipment module and phase module templates

2-8 minutes - Create instances from EM templates & bind to the existing control modules via parameters

8-11 minutes - Confirm new EM instances are working correctly

11-14 minutes - Create 3 new phase classes based on imported templates

14-15:30 minutes - Rapid wireframe: Connect up all the phases in sequence via a procedure, unit procedure, unit operation

15:30- 21 minutes - Create the campaign & formula to bind and execute the procedure on a unit and run a production order

21 - 24 minutes - Discussion of formula parameters ,how to associate with a procedure and how to read from step code. Unit parameters discussion

24:15 - 30 minutes - Campaign compile and run . Interact with the running S88 sample campaign and watch the vessel filling and emptying.

30 - 32 minutes - Recap of what was accomplished. Discussion of the low fidelity DCS use case for process automation requirements capture

32 - 36 minutes - Demo of how to create templates